During December 2021-January 2022 we will be transferring to a new website and will only be adding very limited numbers of new clients.

If your profile fits our current requirements we will contact you to discuss our representation, however please do expect delays. 

We are extremely busy and it could be longer than usual to hear back from us. We would love to have the time to respond to evryone, however this is simply not possible due to workload.  If you haven't heard back from us and are super keen you are welcome to email us with further enquiry.

Please DO NOT register more than once.

Commercial Talent and Actors

  • For all kinds of TV Commercials, Television, Film and Print Work
  • All ages and ethnicities welcomed!! 
  • Are you an expert in a particular sport? We are often looking for talented athletes.
  • Drama experience or desire to train in this field is ideal but not vital, if you have the X-Factor we want to hear from you!
  • Can you take time off work or study to go to castings? Ideally your time is flexible as this makes things easier, but if your time is limited and you're still keen we can work with that too :)

Fashion Models

  • We welcome enquiries form all experienced models.
  • If you are interested in becoming a model and have yet had no training or experience we strongly encourage you to attend a Model Course in order to gain the necessary confidence and skills required before being sent on a paid job.
  • If you haven't trained but would like to discuss your options with us, by all means fill in the registration and tell us something about yourself in the notes. With no information noted it is very hard for us to assess your suitability for our agency.

Monarch Management

  • There is no joining fee if accepted to join Monarch, just a commitment to be represented exclusivly by our agency.
  • Professional quality photographs are vital if you are serious about getting opportunities for work. Your images on our website profile are the first point of contact for the clients so it's important to keep your images up to date. You are always welcome to email us new images or ask us for recommendations of photographers. We provide head shots in Queenstown and We have photographers in Auckland who offer a very affordable discounted rate for Monarch People
  • Weekend and evening acting for beginners and Audition Technique workshops are often available. We encourage you to take the time to attend one or more of these if you can, it's the best way to make the most of any audition opportunities.

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Terms and Conditions: 
I agree to be represented by Monarch People Ltd. and that Monarch is authorized to negotiate on my behalf, in consultation with myself, until such time as I notify Monarch in writing via email or post that this arrangement is terminated. I understand there may be a 1 month notice period imposed on me if I move to another competitive agent. Monarch is entitled to submit me throughout the one month notice and understand all work I have been submitted for by Monarch during this perior will be processed completely by Monarch even if shooting is outside of the 1 month period.
I understand that this arrangement is exclusive and that I may not enter into any agreement with another agent during the term of this arrangement without Monarch's prior consent.
I agree that should I leave the agency, Monarch retains the right to invoice for and collect commissions etc. on any work negotiated and/or contracted during the term of our relationship.
Please do advise us of any future changes to your appearance or contact details as soon as possible. The same goes for any blocks of unavailable time such as overseas trips or exam schedules where we should not submit you for work.
An IR330 must be filled in and signed in order for us to be able to pay you when you gain work through Monarch.
If you are on a work visa a copy must also be provided to Monarch prior to receiving any payment.
Monarch will deduct 20% with-holding tax from your earnings as required by law and that will be on-paid to the IRD. You will receive an email pay slip notifying you of any payments made.
All payments will be made via internet banking so your bank account number is required for that purpose.
At the end of the financial year you will be able to access a summary of your earnings through Monarch on the IRD website. It is your responsibility to submit your own end of year tax return to IRD.
ACC is your responsibility and IRD calculate this on your earnings and bill you annually.
We will submit you for any commercial work you are suitable for without contacting you to check availability usually. If you are requested by the casting director for an audition we will email and text you with the information. The script and/or brief will be emailed and in all cases must be treated as CONFIDENTIAL. We are rarely given much warning on these so please respond immediately that you are available for the audition and job, or if you are not, so that we can notify the casting director.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are free for the shoot dates and that there are no conflicts later through the audition process. If so please notify us urgently. Please arrive at your audition at least 10 minutes prior to your notified time and go prepared in wardrobe and style suited to the part auditioning for. We will notify you of any feedback we receive following your audition. It is unusual to hear anything unless you have been successful in gaining the part, or if you have messed the audition up. Don't be surprised if you don't hear anything from us afterwards. If there is anything to tell you, we assure you we will call :
Due to the nature of our work is important to keep your images current. Ideally you will have a good range of photographs on the website which show a range of looks suitable for the style you will be submitted for i.e. businessman, mother, fashion work. Your initial shots when joining Monarch will get you started, and your ongoing images will build as you get work, however it is important to invest in fresh shots at least a couple of times a year. Photography shoots can be arranged by appointment and we can also provide you with information on various photographers if you are interested with a large range of experience and fees. 
Our website is a work in progress and now features a live casting system. We are excited about how it's looking and developing. 
Monarch has no joining fees or annual admin fees. 
Monarch invoice the client for all work undertaken by you and will deduct a commission from this payment prior to paying you the balance. Monarch will deduct the industry standard 20% on all commercial work, and only 10% on the smaller jobs. Commission on drama roles will be at 10%. (20% with-holding tax will also be deducted as required by law)
A booking fee is paid by the client to Monarch on some work, which is invoiced to them in addition to your earnings and paid to Monarch directly.